Balsam Fir new growth shoot and elderberry tea / Tisane aux pousses de sapin


Balsam Fir new growth shoots and Black Elder berries.
20 g bulk.
Warm lemonade for Quebec's long winters.

This tea made with Balsam Fir new growth shoots which are wild harvested. What is a new growth shoot? It’s a when the needle bud on a Fir branch bursts open in the spring, a tender light green shoot appears. When these shoots are picked, at the end of May, they are full of nutrients. They are stuffed with vitamin C and hold the antiseptic properties of Balsam Fir. They taste lemony, smell of sweet freshness and renewal. They are a budding forest in edible form.

Elderberries are very anti-oxydant, are immune boosters and a rich in vitamin C. Excellent for preventing a cold.

Made in Quebec.

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